3 Elements of Building Your Own Home

One of the most common goals people around the country share is building their own homes. Building your own home affords many advantages to buying or renting a house or apartment. First, you get to design every aspect of your new house to fit your needs and tastes. In addition, you know that this home is yours indefinitely so long as you keep up with the payments. There’s no fear of the house being sold out from under you.

However, not everyone knows what all goes into building your own home. It takes a lot of work, patience, and money. So today, we’ll take a closer look at three elements of building your own home so you can have a better idea of where to get started.

Planning your electrical setup will be one of your top priorities.


One of the most overlooked yet vital aspects of building a house is electricity. Most people don’t consider all of the decisions they’ll need to make regarding wiring and electrical. In addition, you’ll need to ensure you’re working with an experienced, licensed electrician, such as Clements Electric.

When planning out the electrical system for your home, you need to consider how many outlets you want for each room and whether you want wall outlets, floor outlets, or both. Even your light switches will need extra attention. You can have many different light switches in your house, including single-pole, double-pole, three-way, and four-way switches. Each light switch has its uses and style. Typically, most homes have single-pole and three-way light switches. Single-pole switches are your standard light switch that turns one light on or off. Three-way switches are best when you need to control one light from two locations. For example, if your stairway has a light, you’d want three-way switches at the top and bottom of the stairs. This way, you can turn the light on when you’re heading up and cut it back off once you’re at the top.

This is only a small example of all of the electrical decisions you’ll need to make while building your new house. Therefore, electrical should be one of your top priorities.

There will be many flooring decisions as well.


The flooring category throughout your house will need a lot of attention too. Some homeowners may consider flooring needs choices the same way as paint, simply an aesthetic choice that you can change later. However, this isn’t the case. Your new floors will be in your home for years, and it’s not as easy to change out as a fresh coat of paint. Therefore, you should take the time to consider all of your options and choose a flooring category that you know you’ll enjoy for years to come.

One older flooring category that’s regaining much of its popularity is carpet. Carpets may need some extra attention when it comes to cleaning. However, these flooring systems offer a soft, quiet floor that’s sure to keep your family comfortable. In addition, you can check out any online carpet store to see what designs and styles are trending currently.

The roofing system you choose is crucial for your new house.


If you splurge on any aspect of your home, it should be the roof. Though your flooring system is a hassle to change in the future and your electrical choices will make your life easier, a poor roofing system can spell disaster for your house. You’ll need to consider all of the options for your new roof. Many roofing systems are designed to last at least 25 years, such as asphalt shingles. However, other roofing options like a metal roof will last for over 40 years. Finally, if you want to pull out all of the stops, a slate roof is the longest-lasting roof on the market. A slate roof can last for 75 to 100 years on average.

Start planning out your dream home.

There are many more things to consider when building your own home. However, the electrical, flooring, and roofing will be three of your top priorities. So, start planning your dream home today.