4 Tips for Instant Curb Appeal

There are endless reasons why a homeowner would want to increase their home’s curb appeal. Since the exterior is the very first thing visitors see when dropping by, a beautifully maintained yard can give a wonderful first impression.

If you’ve been considering curb appeal projects, maybe there are few easy options you can start right now. Aside from keeping your outside property looking its best at all times presentation, proper curb appeal can also increase your property value. Whether you’re planning on enjoying your home for many years to come, or considering putting the house on the market, putting your best foot forward with your home’s outdoor space is always a great idea. Here, we will look at four tips for instant curb appeal, no matter the style or size of your home.

1. Create an asethically-pleasing outdoor garden.


One of the best and most cost-efficient ways to beautify your front yard is by installing a small garden or by adding various outdoor plants. Depending upon the geographical region where you live, planting rows of topiary plants, shrubs, geraniums, or even such container plants like herbs can all give the gorgeous appearance of a lived-in, yet well-kept, household.

Likewise in warmer regions such as Southern California, more tropical plants or succulents are common and easy to maintain. While new growth can be tricky if your front yard isn’t accustomed to gardening, a professional landscaper can help you sculpt the design. They can also help you select the best fertilizer for your soil and chosen plants.

2. Introduce some sculptures and hardscapes.


Other great additions to a home exterior are hardscapes and sculptural designs. According to Creative Living, one of Colorado’s premier suppliers of modern outdoor designs and décor, stone fountains in Denver and other granite designs like waterfalls and ponds are all appropriate for most home styles. If you’re nervous about the winter months with water features, you can consider gazing balls, decorative swings, or stone masonry surrounding your flowers and garden work. Each of these options offers a sense of tranquility and beauty.

3. Make any essential repairs for a modern look.

Making additions to your front yard will always add a great amount of curb appeal and beauty to your house’s front space. However, there’s an even easier place to begin in your beautification project like conducting an assessment of needed repairs that you’ve been putting off.

For example, if you have a gorgeous row of new geraniums or succulents planted along the front walk but your driveway is cracked and faded, that’s still the first thing visitors will notice. Likewise, there’s nothing more noticeable on a house’s front façade like faded color or stains. If this problem sounds familiar, consider a new coat of paint. Also, broken hinges on the screen door or missing tiles on the roof are all impossible to ignore. These are all the first items that should be addressed in a new beautification project.

4. Add new features to the exterior of the house.


Depending upon what your budget allows, you may consider major additions to your home. While adding a new garden or different hardscapes can vary in cost, a new patio or driveway may be worth a larger investment. If your home is on the older side, or you’re considering putting the house on the market, modernizing your exterior can greatly increase your property value. With the right contractor, you may even be able to conduct a home makeover, piece-by-piece, over the course of one or a few seasons.

Ultimately, you could end up with the newest-looking home on your block. You can always add new foliage and hardscapes at a later date. But before you rule new exterior additions to your home, do some research and speak with a general contractor. Sometimes you can get a great deal on a bundle of related projects.