5 Things You’ll Need To Consider for a Move to Texas

If you’ve recently decided to move to Texas, then you’ve certainly made the right decision, as the Lone Star state is a great place to live. Texas is one of the largest states, and it’s located right in the middle of the lower 48, making it a prime location to purchase a home and start a business. The economy is thriving, and they have the best home warranties you can find, along with the fact that there are plenty of homes to purchase, and the unemployment rate is low.

However, if you’re moving to Texas, there are a few things that you should consider before you pack up and make that move. From appliance repair to the warm weather and from the critters you need to control to your home warranty, read on below for a few of the things you should consider when heading to Texas to make it your home.

1. Texas homes are affordable.


One of the main reasons people pull up stakes and head to Texas is because real estate is affordable. You can also find the best home warranty companies in Texas as well. Once you’re a proud homeowner of a new home in Texas, you’re going to want the peace of mind of knowing your home is protected by the best home warranty possible, especially when it comes to repairing and replacing appliances. America’s First Choice Home Club (AFC) is a home warranty company, and their American home shield makes it possible to have your appliances fixed or even have appliance replacement with an affordable home warranty that you can depend on.

As a homeowner, you want to be assured that your appliances and other things in your home are covered, and with a home warranty through a reputable home warranty company like American Home Shield you can be sure that everything from the dryer to the water heater will be.

2. Prepare for the weather.


Texas is a big state, and conditions can vary widely when it comes to the weather. You need to be prepared for the warmer weather in the summer, especially if you’re coming from a state with all four seasons or one that has a colder climate. A reliable home warranty and good homeowners insurance are a must when you live in Texas because hurricanes are likely.

It would help if you prepared for the weather and the storms that can come through by having good homeowners’ insurance, a good home warranty, and set up spring water delivery so you don’t have to worry about clean drinking water or have to do without water if the power should go out and your water company is unable to fix it right away. On the upside, Texas normally sees very little cold weather, and a dip in the pool in the backyard will feel amazing on a hot 90-degree day.

3. Taxes are lower in Texas.


Not only do you get the best home insurance, affordable real estate, and a great home warranty through American Home Shield, with a great home warranty plan and a choice home warranty, Texas also features lower taxes. This is one of the seven states where residents pay no state taxes. How great is that? Now, you can afford that pool in the backyard and to double up on that home warranty through American Home Shield as well.

4. Everything is bigger in Texas.


The saying that everything is bigger in Texas has been around for many years, and it’s true. From the home warranty for major appliance replacement and repairs that you get with a home warranty plan to the shopping malls, houses, and even the roads, everything is bigger. Whether you’re new customers looking for a service contract for appliances like the garbage disposal or checking out the national parks, everything will be bigger. Get yourself a ten-gallon hat ahead of time.

5. Texas is a foodie’s dream.


The Lone Star state is a melting pot of cultures, so the restaurants and other eateries are a foodie’s dream come true. If you love sampling foods from different cultures, moving to Texas is the best choice.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when you’re moving to Texas. The real estate is more affordable, the food is better, and everything is bigger, of course.