A Guide to Eating Well When on Vacation

Let’s face it: We often use a vacation as an excuse to just splurge. Whether it’s spending money on an all-inclusive resort or going all out in our travel, it’s time that we’ve earned to relax. However, we really turn carefree when it comes to what we eat and drink on our getaway. It may be difficult, but there are ways that you can enjoy your vacation and still eat well without having to make too many sacrifices.

Snack smartly.


The truth is that taking the time to get a few servings of fruits, nuts, or vegetables during your vacation will spare you from a gut-busting meal at the end of the day. Be sure to look into sustainable cooler bags with a leakproof lining to keep your healthy treats in a safe condition no matter where you’re traveling. An insulated bag will also keep the need for plastic bags at bay as you instead use bags made from a renewable resource to go green while staying healthy.

You can even look into larger cooler bags for a nice picnic on your getaway. This will give you the opportunity to control exactly what you’re eating, from sandwiches to salads and everything in between. A durable model can be continuously used without any fear of leaks.

Indulge, but make sure to earn those calories.


Walking around on vacation is not only a great way to explore local culture and destinations but also a great way to feel a little bit better about a bigger meal. Let’s say you are looking to dine in Albany, Georgia: You’ll find some great food options all across the city. However, you’ll want to make sure that you take the time to explore downtown Albany and burn some calories that make that meal worthwhile.

Keep in mind that a large and indulgent meal doesn’t necessarily mean you have to opt for the heaviest of foods. You can opt for a delicious seafood dinner or go out for some amazing sushi, keeping in line with your diet while seeing what all of the local restaurants have to offer your taste buds.

Stay hydrated.


It may be repetitive, but the truth is that hydration is key even on vacation. If you intend to imbibe in alcohol on your trip, it’s especially important to keep yourself well hydrated to avoid feeling ill or experiencing a hangover, derailing your trip. Water also helps to keep you full, which can help slow down your eating. While your preference may be a sugary soda, you’re actually more apt to be triggered into sweets during your travels, leading to more fat and caloric intake. Be sure to stock your cooler bags with water or keep a refillable bottle with you throughout your journey.

Buffets can be your best friend.


While you’re in the market for a great meal and cheap eats, you may want to explore the buffet. Yes, it’s tempting to load up at the carving station or on fried foods, but be sure to look through all of the dishes that are available to you. Don’t just plop everything on your plate the first time through. Surveying what’s available will allow you to balance out your meal. The addition of some leafy greens and other vegetables will help to balance out a larger portion of steak or seafood.

Consider what you’re truly craving and put your calories toward that item rather than just loading up on everything and eating yourself sick. Don’t be afraid to take a doggy bag with you either. It’s better to snack on leftover protein, veggies, and fruits than crack into that minibar and splurge for candy. Remember, enjoy your vacation, and don’t feel bad if you have a slip. Just remember to reset, refocus, and stay on your health journey.