Around the World in 80 Days: How To Travel Like a Pro

In 2020, spring, summer, and winter vacations were different from past years for one significant reason: advisories against embarking on non-essential trips and travel restrictions enacted in response to the global COVID-19 health crisis. The United States and many other countries enforced regulations to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, ultimately causing a decline in traveling and the number of trips taken in 2020. The CDC—the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—offers updated advice for travel by air, train, bus, and car, which can help those with an adventurous spirit embark on safe journeys. People in the United States can follow this advice to stay healthy and safe if they choose to leave the U.S. and go on a trip.




If you felt uncomfortable or unsure about traveling during the pandemic, you might’ve canceled your vacation plans for 2020. New opportunities and new circumstances could accompany a new year, though, and traveling more safely and confidently may become a reality in 2021. In the new year, you may hope to go around the world in honor of a birthday, an anniversary, or no reason at all, and have a memorable experience that feels like a timeless moment. Listed below are ways to travel around the world like a professional this year.

1. Pack essential items and documents.


Thorough preparation is necessary ahead of taking a trip across the world. Be sure you have a durable suitcase to take on the trip, and if you don’t, consider buying new luggage before leaving home. Once you have your bags, create a list of everything you’ll need to be clean, safe, and comfortable on your trip—toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, other toiletries, face masks, clothes, and more. Ladies should purchase the best travel clothes for women ahead of their trip if they don’t have clothes that will allow them to dress comfortably when traveling. The best wardrobe includes travel outfits comprised of lightweight dresses, skirts, bodysuits, jackets, blazers, blouses, and accessories that enable you to demonstrate versatility and style on each full day of your trip. Ideal travel clothes are durable, soft, and wrinkle-resistant, and have excellent breathability. Such clothing articles are comfortable for long flights and rides. These wrinkle-resistant travel clothes are also easy to fold and pack neatly and fashionable enough to make you stand out and look chic in every city you visit.


In addition to completing your packing list, one of the first steps of preparing for a trip is getting your essential documents in order. Be sure to have an updated driver’s license and passport. You may also need an up-to-date visa, depending on which international cities you visit and how long you choose to stay there.

2. Prepare the right funds and credit cards.

The next step of getting ready for a trip is acquiring a sufficient amount of money and the proper currency because dining and shopping are favorite activities you’ll likely engage in during your trip. You could return home with novelty items from gift shops, new clothes, and larger purchases, like a new car. Buy a new car or a used car overseas is a procedure known to many people fulfilling military orders abroad or vacationing. By following proper procedures, you could purchase a Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, sedan, SUV, hatchback, or any vehicle for the best price from a selection of cars for sale in Ghana, for example. By making your purchase through the most trusted dealer in Ghana who understands the car buying, selling, and international shipping process, you can purchase a car online and have it sent home in excellent condition.




Trying food from different places worldwide can be a fun part of journeying, but ordering takeout or dining out for each meal can be costly. To save money on your trip, consider avoiding restaurants that are near major tourist attractions. In some places, these restaurants may have higher prices, but are lower in quality.


Getting the right travel credit card before going on a trip can keep you from running up foreign transaction fees and give you the chance to earn perks, rewards, and the best deals while you’re abroad. Financial institutions like Chase Bank and Bank of America offer travel rewards credit cards that allow people to earn points from hotel stays, purchases at drugstores and restaurants, and more.

3. Clearly outline your vacation dates.

Going around the world doesn’t have to come at the permanent expense of your job. If you work at a company that pays out for vacation days, consider saving your vacation days. Some companies allow businesses to purchase employees’ unused vacation days and enable employees to turn these days into health benefits, charity credits, or vacation time.


Once you know how much time you’ll have off from work, you’ll be able to plan your vacation itinerary properly. You’ll be able to include a cruise on a Vilamoura yacht charter in your plans, for instance, and have sufficient time to view the beauty of the Algarve coastline, search for marine wildlife and dolphins, and go swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and more. Getting on a luxury yacht for a sunset cruise or a champagne cruise is the best way to kick back and relax after all the hard work you put in at your day job.

4. Book your accommodations in advance.

After making preparations regarding the clothes and belongings you’ll take around the world, the money you’ll bring, and the length of your trip, make decisions regarding your ticket and where you’ll be staying in each city. For a trip around the world, you may consider getting a ticket for a round-the-world plane ride. You should also be open to journeying by sea or a mixture of ground and flight transportation.



When arranging your accommodations, look for ways you can eliminate extra fees. For instance, there may be hidden fees associated with hotel stays, so read the specifics of the hotel’s terms and conditions you agree to when booking accommodations. If it’s possible, consider asking the hotel you’ll stay in if they can remove any additional fees for hotel amenities that you won’t use. If you won’t be using the hotel gym or an in-room safe, some hotels might be able to eliminate those charges from your bill.


Practical planning and packing and financially sound choices will prepare you for an excellent trip to your desired destinations.