Fun Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with fun birthday party ideas for an adult because most people are used to the idea of going to a night restaurant and sitting around talking. While spending quality time with friends and food can be amazing, sometimes you want to go outside of the box and plan an exciting event. Here are a few ideas to plan a unique and fun adult birthday party.

1. Create a film or music video.


You can join your friends to celebrate your inner rock star by creating your music video to your favorite songs growing up. You can get film production rentals in NYC that provide everything you need to make a high-quality visual recording. If music videos weren’t an integral part of your life growing up, you could test your friends acting skills by completing a short movie or reenacting scenes from your favorite movies.

You can then have a screening party and have everyone dress up and walk the red carpet to view the movie you made on a projector. This can be created into two birthday parties; one for the filming and wrap party and the second for the movie viewing. You can invite close friends and family to the first one, and then make the second one bigger with everyone you know and like.

2. Rent a mechanical bull.

You may have always wanted to try a mechanical bull but were too afraid to embarrass yourself in front of others when you saw them at bars or events. You can get a mechanical bull rental to come to you and give you and your friends endless opportunities to see who can hold on the longest. You can get trophies ahead of time to award your guests for achievements in bull riding. This can be coupled with a Western or cowboy theme. It can be an adult-only party or expand it to the children in your life, so they can enjoy riding the bull as well.

3. Set up a private concert.


Book a local musician to come to play at your party. You can pick a local favorite or try out a new local band that you’ve heard good things about. If weather permits, you can make it an outdoor event with grilled food and a dance floor. You can rent a hall and make it a dance party. Depending on the size of the location, you can invite everyone you know or keep it for close friends and family. There are a lot of venues that allow you to rent their entire place, and they will be closed to the public for the night.

4. Choose a theme everyone can participate in.


You can plan a great event with plenty of fun activities around any theme. You can have the 70s, 80s, or 90s theme, depending on what birthday it is. You can have a western-themed party, an animal-themed party, or a theme based on your favorite movie or TV show growing up. Make the theme something that is fun and personal. The decorations and activities can all be based on the theme, and you can ask your guests to dress according to the theme.

There is no limit to what you can do with an adult party once you start brainstorming ideas. The hardest part is getting out of the mental box of a traditional dinner party. It’s easier when your friends and family are open to weird ideas and new adventures. You can get everyone you love involved in the fun, and be sure to have photos taken, so you can enjoy the memories for years to come.