How To Wear Fashionable Heels Like a Pro

Today, a woman’s high heels are a source of power and confidence, with the sound of them clicking across the floor towards a boardroom being enough to strike fear into the hearts of her employees. Historically, it was men’s heels that created the style as a form of military footwear. Regardless of gender identity, though, one fact remains certain: it’s hard to feel powerful in your stilettos if you’re stumbling over your own two feet.

To reap the benefits of your high heels, you must understand how to wield their power. More specifically, you should walk in them as if you’ve done so all your life. Your bold stance should serve to boost their confident force, depicting you as an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

Find the right heels.


Before you can learn to walk confidently in a pair of high heels, you must find the right heels for you. Wedges are considered a good sort of “training shoe” for beginners, offering heel height with a bit more support. If you’ve mastered the art of walking in wedges or want to dive straight into a pair of pumps, consider opting for thicker fashion heels, which step away from the wedge style while still offering more substantial support than a stiletto. Of course, the height of your heels is crucial, too—science suggests that five inches are the most extensive height, on average, “for a sober, experienced shoe-bearer.”

Consider health factors.


To walk confidently in heels, you must be at least somewhat comfortable. At the same time, though, some discomfort is unavoidable—your heels take a toll on your feet. With unrelated health concerns, though, you might be facing even more of a struggle. For example, you might deal with edema, also known as fluid retention or swelling. In that case, a supplement like Swell No More can give you a head start in your heel journey by reducing your discomfort.

Think through your steps.


Except for your time on the stairs, you should focus on walking heel-to-toe rather than toe-to-heel to walk confidently and comfortably. Small steps will improve your balance as you walk, allowing for even greater control over your gait. While you don’t need to embrace a full catwalk-style walk, with one foot crossed in front of the other in a straight line, you can still embrace the femininity of walking in heels by taking carefully measured, confident steps.

Practice makes perfect.


You can find the perfect heel and do weeks of research, but you won’t learn to truly walk in high heels until you practice just that. Try walking through your home in your chosen heels or even working out in a carefully selected pair. Then, when a special occasion arises, and you have the chance to show off your stilettos, you’ll be prepared for it. Fast-forward to an event a year from now, and you’ll be an old pro! You can try upgrading to thinner or higher heels along the way, or you might just stick to your tried and true favorites. In either case, practice, then practice some more.

Despite that vivid look, no one is born wearing high heels. Nevertheless, you can learn how to walk confidently in your pumps of choice, fooling onlookers into thinking they’ve been your go-to style for a lifetime. With the right shoes, you can practice walking properly in heels and troubleshooting any health concerns that might arise along the way. Your calves will look great, your confidence will skyrocket, and you’ll mark your arrival with that tell-tale click. That sound will turn heads, of course, but it won’t be the shoes they’re looking at—all eyes will be on the new, more confident you.