Moving to Florida in Style

Every day, close to 1,000 people pack up their things and move to Florida. Known as the ‘Sunshine State,’ it’s no surprise people flock here by the thousands. From Fort Lauderdale or Miami to Orlando or the Keys, Florida offers a plethora of idyllic locations. Whether you’re retiring to Florida, relocating there for work, or moving to be closer to family, you will not be alone.

Of the 125 most populous areas in the U.S., 11 are located in Florida, and nine of them are among the 25 fastest-growing due to migration. If you’re planning to join the number of people moving to Florida this year, you should learn a bit about your future home and moving there before it’s time to unpack. Part of the excitement of moving is exploring your new location and taking steps to make it feel like home. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to make for a smooth transition and move to Florida in style.

Get to know your Florida location.


The region in Florida you choose to live in will impact the lifestyle change that you are about to make. Florida is home to numerous diverse cultures and communities. For instance, many people describe life in the Panhandle as completely different from South Florida. The same could be said for coastal cities versus inland cities. Tourist cities such as Orlando will offer a different experience from the smaller and quieter Florida towns.

The different vibes that are experienced throughout Florida are, in part, based on where people are visiting or moving from. Before air travel became the default travel option for people, many vacationers would pick their Florida destination based on the highway they’d take to go south. For instance, people from the Northeast would take I-95 and end up on the east coast of the state, while Midwesterners would arrive via I-75 would stop on the Gulf Coast. Florida cities adapted their personalities to fit where the population was coming from. It has been said that the Gulf side of the state may be a bit more slower-paced than the Atlantic side. Cities in South Florida such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale offer Latin American inspired vibes as they have been home to immigrants from this part of the world for many years. Wherever you are moving, it is good to research and gets to know your location so that blend in and become a local quicker.

Get help from local movers

Since you are moving to the Sunshine State, who could better assist you move there than locals? When it comes to local movers, your base rate is often built around an hourly minimum that takes additional labor and driving time into account. A local moving company based in Florida will know the area. This will allow them to take the most practical routes for your move while staying away from heavy traffic and saving you time and money. Local movers will also know the tips and tricks of things like places to park.

These professional movers can also anticipate your needs because they know what is required to move to your area of Florida. This way you don’t have any unpleasant surprises during your long-distance move. They know what many of the homes and businesses are like and have experience packing your valuables, antiques, and other possessions carefully in bubble wrap to minimize damage. This knowledge will allow them to be better assist you with your Florida move since they’ll be prepared and have the necessary supplies on-hand. Fort Lauderdale movers, for example, will know the city inside and out and will be able to provide the most efficient and seamless move into your new Fort Lauderdale home. They may even be able to offer some advice on a great local spot for you to go break for lunch. Using a local Florida mover could make your move to the Sunshine State much easier and allow you to slip into that Florida lifestyle with ease.

Dress for your new Florida lifestyle.


Now that you have done your research, you know that the style in Florida is most likely different from other places. This is mostly because of the weather and environment in Florida. As its nickname suggests, Florida is home to lots of sun and warmth. Most of Florida falls under a sub-tropical climate that makes for extra long summers and short, mild winters. During a good part of the year, you can expect to break out your shorts and tank tops for temperatures in the 80s. Don’t expect to use snow boots or parkas, but you’ll need a wrap dress and sandals. In the winter you may need a light jacket over your party dress, but that’s about it. Temperatures in the winter can range from the low 50s in northern Florida to the upper 60s in southern Florida. With that being said, you will probably need to update your wardrobe to reflect the Florida style. From men’s casual wear to women dresses, you will want to pick the fabrics and styles that will make feel comfortable and classy for your new Florida lifestyle.