What Doctors To Visit for Different Needs

If you find yourself relying on google to diagnose your symptoms and decide which doctor to go to, you aren’t alone. Finding the right doctor can be frustrating. Since our bodies are complex systems with many moving parts, it can be difficult to nail down which part of the body needs treatment when you hurt or don’t feel well. Knowing which doctor or specialist to go to for which ailments can require research, time, often trial and error.

Getting regular check-ups is key to discovering any health problems that you might have. Should something arise during your check-ups, your doctor can help you determine the next steps and what doctors to see. However, if you aren’t feeling well or having pain, it can be difficult to decide who you should see for help. Often, patients might even have to see various doctors to find a solution to their problems. Fortunately, you can see different categories of doctors and specialists that will help you treat different conditions. Let’s take a look at what doctors you might need to visit for different needs.



A specialist is a doctor who focuses on treating a specific condition or area of the body. For example, a cardiologist treats heart and blood vessel conditions, while an oncologist treats various cancers throughout the body. Specific conditions might require the expertise of several specialists to develop treatment plans. Typically, you will be referred to a specialist by another doctor who isn’t as versed in certain areas or conditions. Specialists help with specific conditions and provide medical treatment for certain areas of the body.

For specialty surgeries and elective procedures, you will also need a specialist. An ophthalmologist, for example, can do LASIK surgery on your eyes to help correct your vision. If you seek an elective procedure such as cosmetic surgery, you will need to see a plastic surgeon. Also known as cosmetic surgeons, these doctors rebuild or repair the skin, face, hands, breast, and other body areas. They provide services to help correct or alter aspects of your body and physical appearance. These doctors also provide services such as CoolSculpting and Botox treatments. A doctor like Dr. Nowak in San Diego can provide cosmetic treatments and care for men and women.

Holistic Doctors


Many doctors have embraced the idea that the best way for patients to stay healthy is through holistic healthcare. These doctors use all forms of health care, from conventional medication to alternative therapies and treatments. These doctors can recommend nutrition counseling, dietary supplements, exercise, meditation, and massage therapy as part of a treatment plan.

As part of a holistic approach, you might also see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care involves ensuring that the body is aligned and functioning optimally through spinal manipulations. A chiropractic adjustment involves manipulating the spine, neck, lower back, and hips. They can assist with increasing blood flow and nerve connectivity to the joints and muscles and alleviate pain in the lower back, spine, and neck. A chiropractor like Dr. Robert Shire, who has years of experience, can treat several ailments and conditions through chiropractic care.

General Practicioners


Your family doctor is a general practitioner who treats children, adults, and the elderly. These physicians do check-ups and screenings and treat a variety of illnesses. These doctors provide immunizations, help you manage chronic conditions, and provide wellness advice. Your family doctor is usually the first line of defense for catching and treating many problems and conditions. Usually, your doctor will refer you to a specialist for treatment and evaluation of specific problems.

Understanding a doctor’s specialty or area of expertise is important and will ensure that you get the treatment you need. Whether you need a specialist, a chiropractor, or a check-up with your family doctor, knowing who to go to can take away some of the frustrations of seeking healthcare.