What Renovation Should You Consider Based on Your Life Path?

One of the biggest benefits of owning a home is its options when it comes to renovations. Life is a fluid thing. Our goals and circumstances change. Homeowners have the luxury of being able to meet those twists of fate, challenges, and even opportunities with renovations to better suit their needs. But some astrology lovers believe life paths are predetermined. If you’re wondering how you could renovate your home based on your life path, predetermined or less static, read on.

Medical Illness or Disability


In the study of numerology, people believe in a numerical equation that gives you a life path. This predestined number is said, much like a horoscope, to dictate the twists and turns of your destiny. Like those with life path 11, astrologists believe they have numerically determined how your love life, career, family, and health will be. And regardless of a person’s spirituality or beliefs, not many would argue that life often gets twisty, and the way we believe things will turn out wind up much differently.

Homeowners have the luxury of renovating their private space regardless of the math and how numbers shake out. Whether predetermined or just blind luck, good or bad, homeowners can work with or around their numerology to make changes for a better quality of life.

Maybe you or a loved one was recently diagnosed with a serious illness or is now suffering from a disability. Regardless of your numerology, you have the ability to build a wheelchair ramp, widen hallways, or bring bedrooms downstairs with some creative renovations.

Investment Property and Passive Income


Maybe the only kind of numbers you’re interested in are those in your savings account or retirement fund balances. If this is you, you may want to consider a few worthwhile renovation projects that could save you money, afford a better quality of life, and even put your home to work for you. For some, home improvement is just a natural part of owning a home. But for others who see homeownership as a great way to invest in the future, there is even more potential.

If you are in a life stage with extra space and cash, you could consider a home renovation project as a route to passive income. That is, in fixing up that guest room or refinishing the basement, you could rent it out to a tenant and let them share in y our monthly mortgage payments, freeing up money for you.

If this is something you might consider, look into home equity loans or home equity lines of credit. Either could be a good start toward financing a real estate investment project. Or maybe you’re thinking of buying a second home, a resale, or even convinced that your life path number tells you to put money into the real estate market with a different sort of investment. Giving your trusted real estate agent and financial advisors a call might help you make the decision. In the end, there is no exact right way to renovate a home or not.

Home Offices


Maybe your life path has you working remotely and home with the kids. A home equity line of credit seems daunting, and there’s no way you want to rent to a tenant. Maybe your life path number is a two, and the most you really hope for is peace of mind at home. If your life’s purpose is family and making a decent living, a home office renovation could be for you. This is the perfect home renovation project for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot and could be as simple as moving a desk and equipment into an extra bedroom.

Empty Nesting


Maybe your older kids just moved out, and you’ve finally got that empty nest you’ve always dreamed about. Now’s the perfect time to think about how you’ll use that extra space. From big renovation to something easy, the great thing is that the choice is yours. Love to read? Maybe it’s a library. Tired of climbing over tools in the garage? Now could be the perfect time for a basement workshop. Better still? Maybe you want a sun porch where you can research your second career as a numerologist.

Not there yet? Only at the beginning of your story? If you’re curious, check out your numerology and see where your life path might lead. But no matter how your numbers shake out, remember that, as a homeowner, you always have the ability to help yourself. Making renovations to your home based on life’s twists and turns can not only be fun but important to a high return on the quality of life, too. Happy renovating to you!