3 Tips to Help You Pick a Career Focus

Selecting a career is one of the most daunting tasks that young people have to endure today. Whether you’re thinking about working as a real estate broker in your local community or want to become a public relations guru in New York City or Los Angeles, you’ll need to identify and meet a series of minimum requirements (and then some) in order to make your dream a reality.

Finding your passion and chasing it is a challenge, but it’s one of the great experiences in life that all of us must go through as we continue to age and mature. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through this process alone. These days, there are numerous resources that range from literally millions of professional social media profiles (businesses and individuals) to experts in a variety of industries who are willing to sit down and talk with prospective new entrants into the profession. Many of these opportunities will come through schooling. Indeed, the power of education will form a common theme as you chase after that career dream that you hold near and dear to your heart. With these three tips, making the choice couldn’t be easier!

1. Follow your hobbies for lasting inspiration.


Our passions are built upon the framework of activities that we love. If you can’t get enough beach days throughout the year, love reading or video games, or can’t want football season to start up again, you may already be on to something when it comes to a career pursuit and doesn’t yet know it.

Your passions offer a unique insight into the things that make you happy and can provide a fulfilling life in work and downtime for years to come. Leveraging your passions into a career that takes advantage of these elements of life can offer the first step toward identifying and chasing a long-lasting professional role that makes you intensely happy.

While the pipeline of youth sports into the atmosphere of professional leagues for instance (the NFL, MLB, or NBA, among many others) siphons off considerably as high school graduates enter their B.A. programs, this doesn’t mean that sports can’t provide a stable and long-lasting career for tens of thousands or even millions of passionate baseball, basketball, or hockey lovers around the U.S. and the world.

Managerial and administrative roles are abundant across professional and minor league sports, and these offer lovers of every game the opportunity to work within the sport they enjoy, even if they aren’t playing on the field, rink, or floor. So few youth players make it to the big leagues, but this by no means that time spent in a team uniform is wasted energy.

2. Don’t skimp on your education.


Schooling is one of the most important aspects for job seekers in any industry. Getting the education you need for the job that you want is crucial to getting hired in every market and there simply is no substitute for the training and mind-preparing foundation that elective courses and the minimum requirements provide to learners seeking out great careers.

Many take their B.A. and immediately go on to seek out a Master of Science or MBA degree to augment their current educational attainment. Additional degrees and certificates are a great way to quickly advance yourself through the job market, and professionals like Caitlin Gossage are huge proponents of continued education. The community of learners that you encounter in an MBA classroom or even with the help of an online degree or digital internship that circumvents the lockdown measures imposed by the coronavirus pandemic offers invaluable learning opportunities.

These are essential experiences for those seeking a real estate broker license, an MBA to pursue new and exciting entrepreneurial opportunities, and many other professional options. An online degree at Point Park University is a great way to get your B.A., a secondary certificate, or a master’s degree that can bolster your overall employability and skill within the field you ultimately choose for yourself. Point Park offers extensive practice courses, elective courses, and certificate and degree programs to meet virtually anyone’s educational needs. Plus, with a friendly community at Point Park, the university is a great place to learn and grow whether you’re getting a B.A. in business or a Master of Arts degree.

3. Understand that change is always inevitable and prepare for a second or even third act.


Change comes to every industry and each job market. Applicants looking to enter into real estate, complete with a newly minted CT real estate license, should be no strangers to this phenomenon. Real estate businesses thrive on marketplace chaos. When prices are in flux, the real estate brokers show their true skills, either in pursuit of a great deal for a buyer or for maximum profit on behalf of the seller.

Brokers that deal with a property are well versed in the need for constant change and evolution within a business landscape, but the same holds true for employees and entrepreneurs in all other industries as well.

As you begin to take steps toward your career, don’t forget that education, future planning, and current passions are all great resources when working to pin down the perfect job opportunity.