5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Do you want to spruce up areas of your home without spending too much money? It’s easy to refurbish your living room, add some character to your bedroom, and liven up your kitchen without going into debt. You can add a new color by painting your walls or buying new furniture to create the perfect home. It’s also a good idea to redecorate every few years to boost your property value. After all, fine art is an investment, and vintage furniture can increase a home’s value.

If you’re wondering how to do this without going into debt, consider credit options. You can find a lender for a small loan amount if you’re thinking about a big redecorating project. Consider easy changes that won’t be as expensive as a down payment on a new home or cost a significant amount of money. Here are a few ideas that will increase your home’s value and satisfy your decorative needs.

1. Decorate with indoor plants.


Do you already have your dream home, but need to spruce up the interiors a bit? If you can’t afford to remodel any spaces—or this is your first home decorating project—indoor plants are a good idea. Adding foliage to your living room is the best way to decorate without spending too much money. Consider getting a range of container plants for your windowsills and some succulents for your living room.

If you have awkward corners or empty floor space, you can consider an upright growing, tropical plant. The Aralia Fabian stump is a great option. It doesn’t require too much fertilizer or bright light. The tropical plant is also easy to tend to because you have to remember to give it enough water. Besides, an Aralia Fabian will look great in your living room. You can also consider a bonsai, money tree, or another type of tropical stump or shrub that does not need direct sun. Or, get succulents that thrive in indirect light.

2. Get new flooring and furniture.

If you have the financial ability to renovate your space, this is the best way to spruce it up. Consider a completely new look by changing everything from flooring to furniture. You can also consider getting a home renovation loan to afford this. Remember to contact a lender that knows about private mortgage insurance and renovation-based mortgage loans. It’s a good idea to find out about adjustable-rate mortgage, conventional loans, and the mortgage process that will suit you best as a borrower.

While not all home renovations require a mortgage loan, this sort of home loan can help you spruce up your space without going into debt. It’s an excellent idea to create a mortgage 101 factsheet to figure out how to get the best mortgage broker and loan type. Remember to check your bank balance and credit score to see if you’re eligible for preapproval. And, find the right mortgage lender to get the best loan term, discount points, and monthly payment rates. If you pick the right home loan, you can increase your home’s value over it.

3. Rearrange your furniture.


You can spruce up your living room by changing where you put things. It’s surprising how different it will look when a couch is at the other end of the room. Or, if your dining table is placed by the window instead of in the center of the room. The best way for beginners to do this is to switch the placement of accessories and smaller knick-knacks. If you’ve already done this and are ready for a significant change, you can start to switch furniture around.

4. Consider a new color palette.

An easy way to refresh your space is to change the color scheme. Consider new curtains, a coat of paint, or get new fabric covers for your couches and chairs. You can also paint a single wall or try a pretty wallpaper on one side of your living room. Even a small patch of decorative patterns above your couch or around your television can change the entire room’s look.

5. Change your lighting.


Did you know your lighting can change the way your living room looks? If you don’t already have accent lamps, consider buying some. Also, think about changing the lampshades on any old lamps in your living room. You can also change bulbs. For example, accentuate accent furniture with bright light, or use low light over a problem piece. Hang picture lights over any artwork, and buy table lamps for coffee tables.