6 Tips for a Successful Blind Date

When your friend sets you up with a mystery date, it’s natural to feel some jitters. You don’t know who you’re meeting or how it’s going to go. However, you’re also opening yourself to romantic possibilities. Here are some tips to breeze through your blind date and make the most of the experience.

Start With An Open Mind

It’s easy to arrive at dates with set expectations. You might have it in your head that it will go terribly, or you could expect fireworks from the start. Either way, you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and your date. Remember that the point of a blind date is to meet someone new. This could mean that you have an immediate connection, no chemistry at all, or potential for a bond that grows over time. So, try to keep your mind open to any and all possibilities. You’ll see the situation with more clarity if you do.

Look Up Your Date

While your friend likely wouldn’t set you up with a weirdo, it’s often best to do a quick search before the date. This is especially important if the date isn’t a setup, but a meet up from an online dating site. Search their name on golookup.com to find a bit more about them. Red flags like mugshots and arrest records would show up on this site. While you don’t need to dig into their past on social media (some mystery is good!), a search like this can confirm your date’s identity and put your mind at ease. And as an added safety measure, be sure to always meet in public.

Plan A Fun Evening

A classic dinner or drinks date is a great way to get to know someone. However, this scenario can feel awkward if you don’t know the person. Break the ice by planning some fun activities for the evening. You might snag some Broadway Tickets and take your date out on the town. If you’re feeling active, consider a walk in the park or trip to the zoo. Getting creative with plans can show your playful side while giving your date a glimpse into your personality.

Dress With Confidence

You certainly want to dress to impress on a first date. Clean clothes, matching accessories, and general grooming are important. However, don’t overthink it. Wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Style your hair in a familiar way, so you’re not fiddling with it all night. Your appearance gives the first impression, and dressing as your most confident self will come across as authentic.


Your likely entering a blind date knowing nothing about the other person, and this gives you plenty to talk about. However, be sure to listen as much as you talk. Attentive listening will make your date feel valued and appreciated while showing that you want to get to know them. Just be sure to have the same expectations of your date. A balanced conversation will keep the night flowing — and set the foundation for a genuine connection.

Avoid Overthinking

Everyone gets in their heads on a first date, but your mind might be buzzing the day after. Will they text you? Should you text them? Will you see each other again? As hard as it is, try to avoid fixating on these questions. Rather, do what feels natural. A simple text is a kind gesture on the following day, but try not to worry about whether they contact you right away. Remember that dating is supposed to be fun, and the connection will be natural with the right person.

Whether you’re going on your first blind date or are a seasoned pro, be sure to let go of expectations and be yourself. A casual approach to a first date will help you and your date feel comfortable. And hopefully, this ease leads to lasting love.