How to Treat Yourself During Menopause

Menopause is a difficult time for anyone. With hot flashes, dizziness, mood swings, night sweats, hormones out of whack, migraines, and more, it’s important to take care of yourself even better than usual if you’re going through menopause. Self-care, investing in the right wardrobe and a comfortable bra with the right cup size, and surrounding yourself with support are all great ways to get through menopause. If you’re looking for tips on how to treat yourself on a daily basis during menopause, read on for ideas.

Investing in the Perfect Bra


One of the best ways to handle a hot flash is to dress with the possibility of discomfort in mind. You may need to wear a different bra than you’re used to during this time. Many women in menopause find luck with cooling bras for menopause. Meant to keep you cool and lower your body temp to hold those hot flashes off, these unique undergarments are a great way to take care of yourself and your menopause symptoms every day.

If it’s been a while since shopping for a bra, it’s no different with cooling bras. Here, finding a good fit when it comes to bra size might be a bit of a trial and error but can be helped with an online bra fitting guide. Are you a 32C or a 34C? A quick Google search on how to find the right size and a minute with a measuring tape should put you in the right direction of the correct cup size, a comfortable strap across your rib cage, and a perfect fit.

When considering a menopause-friendly wardrobe, think layers. Because you might get hot or cold fast, you’ll want to be able to take items on and off quickly. Loose fits, breathable fabrics, and bright colors will help, too. Thinking about how you dress every morning will go a long way in helping keep symptoms at bay.

Indulging in Delicious Self Care


From edible CBD products meant for relaxing to little indulgences like a psychic reading, there are many ways to indulge as you work through the challenges of menopause. Maybe you’ve always been curious about the relaxing effect of CBD edibles but love horoscopes, too. Take some time for yourself and do a little research on which type of edibles matches your Zodiac sign, whether you’re a Gemini, a Taurus, or a Scorpio. Something as simple as trying something new and getting your mind off dizziness, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, and more, can go a long way in making menopause seem easier to handle.

When thinking about self care, consider hobbies, people, and activities that generally relax you. Try to make time to do at least one self-care activity every day as you work your way through menopause. Tell your family members your plan so they can support you.

Finding a Support System


If you’re struggling and want a regular place to vent, consider joining a support group for women like you. Other women will not only understand what you’re going through but will have tips and tricks to share about how they handle the daily challenge of juggling menopause symptoms with families and careers. Don’t be afraid to open up about your own menopause symptoms.

Maybe you have older women in your life. Consider talking to your mother or grandmother about their experiences, too. Knowing that other postmenopausal women you loved have come out of it just fine on the other side could help.

Educating Yourself


A big problem with menopause is it makes women feel out of control and feel like they don’t have a clue what their hormones are doing to their bodies. From unpredictable night sweats to migraines and irritation at small, everyday annoyances, menopause takes its toll. To take back that control, the best thing you can do is get as much information as you can. From buying books on menopause symptoms to talk to your health care team, it’s important that you do research when it comes to your symptoms. If your symptoms seem more extreme than normal, ask your doctor for an appointment.

The best way to get through menopause is to give yourself daily reminders that what you’re dealing with is a perfectly normal life stage. You are far from alone in the symptoms and side effects you’re experiencing. With some minor adjustments in your life, self-care, and the right people around you, you’ll get through this in no time.