Ways to Rebuild a Relationship

If you have recently been a victim of infidelity by your spouse or partner, then you may think that there’s no possible way to fix the damage that has been done to your relationship. However, it has been proven repeatedly that if you had a healthy relationship before your spouse cheated, it’s possible to get that healthy relationship back with time and work.

Infidelity and betrayal go hand in hand, and it’s even worse when it’s a person you’ve trusted and loved for years. If you’ve recently found out that your spouse is cheating, then you’re looking for a way of building trust after your partner cheats, and it may seem next to impossible. In this article, you’ll find a few tips to help you get your relationship back on track after a betrayal.

Both parties have to be willing to try.


In a fractured relationship, both the cheater and the person who has suffered through the betrayal have to be willing to try to mend their relationship. If your spouse hasn’t reached the point where he wants to try to fix your relationship, then no amount of work on your part is going to make a difference. There are relationships where the cheater doesn’t want to change. In these situations, it may be best just to cut your ties and move on with your life.

Try to better yourselves together.


It would be best if you had the difficult conversation first, which means figuring out how your relationship got to this point. While there is no excuse for a cheater, and this type of betrayal isn’t easily forgotten, there’s usually a reason for a happy marriage to fall apart. Once you’ve talked it out, make a pact to try to better yourselves and your lives together, not separately. For example, if your spouse is thinking of becoming a lawyer at 30, don’t put him down; support him emotionally through law school, the bar exam, and continue supporting him even after getting that law degree and becoming a practicing lawyer.

The good news is that after going to law school and getting through it together, your relationship will be stronger. Make sure that you do what you want to better yourself as well, such as going to law school and taking the bar exam right along with your spouse if that’s what you want. Trying to better yourselves together will go a long way towards helping you find the forgiveness in your heart you need to heal your relationship. Forgiveness after a betrayal isn’t easy, but you have to try for your own sake.

Work on making your house a home.


Blank walls and a cold atmosphere are not the ways to heal your relationship after infidelity. To get through the healing process and start a new relationship together, you’re going to have to work on making your house a home. There are many articles out there that will tell you how to make your house a home, and though these might help to spruce up the living room or make the bathroom cozier, it’s the want to and your heart that will make the house a home for you and your spouse. A home is what you make of it, and a strained relationship has to be fixed before a cozy home can be made.

While it’s going to take a lot of work to turn your house into a home and heal your relationship, if your heart is in it and you truly want your relationship to work, then it will. Following the tips above will help you start healing your relationship and the resentment you feel.