Should Wine or Grape Juice Be Used for Communion?

For many Christians around the world and in the United States, communion is a sacred ritual in their faith. According to The New Times, this ritual is meant to celebrate the sacrifices Christians believe Jesus Christ made for them. As it says in John 6:53-54, unless we “eat his body and drink his blood, we have no life.”

Communion is also a way of connecting to Jesus himself. The same article states that, “in the experience of taking the Holy Communion, Christ is present to meet and strengthen his people”. Those who want to properly perform this sacred ritual will need the proper communion supplies, wherever they may be. They also need to decide whether they feel comfortable using wine or grape juice for their ceremony. There are many arguments for both sides and, ultimately, the choice is yours. Here are a few considerations for those who practice communion regularly and need to make this decision.

Why Wine?


Most of the arguments for the consumption of wine are rooted in tradition. Since wine is what Jesus and his disciples drank during the last super it is perceived by some to be more sacred. Plus, many cite the story about Jesus turning water into wine to show the significance wine holds for Christians, especially when considering that wine was used for celebrations in the Bible. Pew Research notes how Catholics are more likely than Protestants to consume alcohol.

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Why grape juice?


Views on drinking vary widely amongst those of varying faiths. For some, the consumption of alcohol is considered sinful or morally corrupt. While these people tend to be in the minority even amongst religious groups (the Bible really only condemns drinking to the point of drunkenness), Pew Research reports that Catholics and Protestants are twice as likely as religiously unaffiliated people to say alcohol is morally wrong.

There is also the concern of underage partakers and those who may be alcoholics in the congregation. Most churches offer juice as an alternative for those who may have a moral or personal reason for not consuming wine, while others play it safe and only offer juice.

However, it’s important to note that most states make exceptions for underage drinking in religious settings. According to American Addiction Centers, 26 states in the United States allow underage consumption of alcohol for religious ceremonies although some states may require a special license for this exception. In the end it comes down to your church’s reverence for tradition and what state laws say about alcohol in the church when minors are present.

If you’re traveling, consider portable communion sets.


Many people have found themselves either traveling or away from their usual place of worship in these complicated times. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider a portable communion kit so that you can perform the rite wherever you may be. Whether you’re looking for communion sets, pre-filled communion cups, wafers, a bread plate, a first communion gift, or a portable communion kit, you’re sure to find the best Christian brands for all of your ritual needs at Cokesbury.

A portable communion set allows for you to have communion outside of a traditional church setting. For those concerned about germs, a communion travel set could be the ideal solution if you want to participate in the ritual with your congregation but don’t want to share a communion cup with everyone. Be sure to check out your local COVID-19 update to see when your church can participate.

Communion sets make a fantastic first communion gift or could be given as a confirmation set. If you’re looking for replacement wafers for your set or you need to order wafers and juice in sanitary packaging for your church’s first communion post-pandemic, you’ll find all of your communion supplies here. Most sets are eligible for free shipping and will ship within two business days.