Who You Should Be Dating, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Navigating the world of dating is tough, especially when you are unsure of exactly what to look for in a partner. While you can be compatible with someone for a myriad of reasons, sometimes it is best to look to the stars to figure out where to begin. Determine who you should be dating based on your zodiac sign to establish a connection that is cosmically built to last. In doing so, you create a pool of potential partners that are most suitable to your emotional needs which makes a significant difference.

Water and Earth Signs

For water signs like Cancer, dating someone who is either a water sign themselves or an earth sign is in your best interest. This is because water signs and earth signs tend to be self-reflective, so sharing this quality is hugely beneficial for a potential partnership. Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo do well paired with one another. Each of these signs are known for their loyalty and dedication to gaining wisdom. As a water sign paired with a water or earth sign, expect to have deep conversations about yourselves and what you want your futures to entail. Build a connection based on harmony and see the fruits of your labor grow over time.


Fire Up Your Passion

Fire signs like Leo pair well with other fire signs like Sagittarius and Aries because of a shared sense of passion. Air signs like Gemini and Libra are suitable in this regard as well since those signs typically seek a partner who wants to be the center of their universe. If you want to play up your passion and find someone who allows you to be the light of their life, this is the way to go. You both gain satisfaction from this dynamic and you gain the ability to shine in all situations.

If you want to start with a physical connection before moving further into the relationship field, connect with someone seeking similar prospects through an online dating site or a downloadable app. Learn more about companies like Meet and Fuck UK that place an emphasis on creating a safe, welcoming environment for people like you who want to see if physical compatibility exists first. Though the company is based in the UK, you can search for locals in your area by entering your city and state, like New York, and seeing who pops up. Access to these types of apps is great if you want to start with some casual encounters.

Keep It Light and Airy

As a Libra, you are an air sign which makes you compatible with zodiac signs who understand your desire for balance. Since you are more attuned to how your actions affect those around you, it is important to seek a partner who values this and takes similar steps. Do not get caught up in relationships with someone who is impulsive, as this directly clashes with your need for harmony. If you are looking for some excitement without the commitment, however, striking up a sexual encounter with an Aries is beneficial for both parties. The confidence of an Aries brings a spark of passion to your shared experience.


Seriousness and Stability

If you are an earth sign like Capricorn, stability is the name of the game. Seek out a partner who wants to be financially taken care of, as this is something that will provide you with a constant source of fulfillment. You want to be needed by your significant other, so choosing someone like a Virgo or a Taurus ensures your seriousness is reciprocated. Cancer and Pisces are great potential partners as well because these zodiac signs crave empathy and security, both of which you provide in spades.